What is Lot18?

Lot18 provides access to high-quality, hard-to-find wines at attractive prices.

How does Lot18 work?

We live by a simple rule: If we wouldn't spend our own money on a product, it's not made available on Lot18.

Our team of experts works closely with quality-driven winemakers around the world. Our curators select only those products for Lot18 that are unique in their own right, and that represent the highest quality and value. We then match our members with the wines they'll love.

For how long is each product offered?

Each product is offered for a limited time, or until our members have purchased all available quantity. Several new products appear on the site each day.

How do I join?

Membership to Lot18 is free – just register. If you know someone who's already a Lot18 member, he or she can send you an invite. We actively encourage our discerning members to invite their friends and family to join Lot18.