2015 Bayek of Siwa Spanish Tempranillo

Spain • Tempranillo • Red Wine • Assassin's Creed

Only a variety as ancient as Tempranillo could represent Bayek
1 Bottle
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Tastes like: Cherry, Citrus Peel, Plum
Pairs with: Grilled Chicken, Paella, Pork Chops, Sausages
Good for: Dinner dates, Enjoying with friends, Impressing guests
Drink this: Now through 2024
Alcohol: 13.5%

Only a variety as ancient as Tempranillo, thought to have given rise to Spanish wine as we know it today, could represent the character of Bayek, whose tenets for the Hidden Ones organization are the basis for the Assassin’s Creed. Here's a ripe, full-bodied and remarkable example that's as special as an Apple of Eden.



2015 Bayek of Siwa Spanish Tempranillo

Tasting Notes

This ripe, full-bodied red features classic flavors of cherry, plum and coconut.


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