2016 La Flâneuse Côtes de Gascogne Blanc Trio

Côtes de Gascogne • White Wine • France

The type of white you'd drink on a cobblestoned corner in Paris
$17.99 per bottle 3 Bottles
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Tastes like: Asian Pear, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Quince
Pairs with: Fish, Light Salads, Light Seafood Dishes, Oysters
Good for: Aperitifs, Picnics, Weekend sipping
Drink this: Now through 2018
Alcohol: 12%

One of the best ways to enjoy a foreign city is to sip the local wine at a neighborhood bistro, soaking up the ambience. It turns out that the French call such a person la flâneuse, or one who idly observes her surroundings. This pleasant white, with prominently displayed flavors of pear, passionfruit and quince, is precisely the type of wine you should drink on a cobblestone corner as you leisurely take in the Paris sights ­— or to remind yourself of how wonderful it was the last time you did.



2016 La Flâneuse Côtes de Gascogne Blanc

Tasting Notes

This pleasant white prominently displays flavors of pear, passionfruit and quince.


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