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Special Occasion Sparklers

Sparkling Wine • Holiday Gifts

A pair of lively sparkling wines to make any occasion festive
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1 x 2015 Popdust Prosecco

1 x Abalone NV Vinho Espumante

Sparkling wine is practically synonymous with the holidays, and for good reason. With family and friends gathered around, there’s no better moment to raise a glass and wax poetic about the past year’s events and what the new year will bring. Be sure to have this pair of sparkling wines on hand for the occasion: The delightful Prosecco shows light floral aromatics, followed by stone fruit flavors and frothy effervescence on the palate, while the semi-sweet Espumate features perfectly balanced acidity that allows the crisp, fresh flavors on the tongue to linger. These are two lively sparkling wines that make any occasion festive.



2015 Popdust Prosecco

Tasting Notes

This delightful Prosecco shows Golden Delicious apple, hazelnut, honey and nectarine flavors on the palate.

Abalone NV Vinho Espumante

Tasting Notes

A semi-sweet sparkling wine, with a finesse and complexity that truly comes alive on the palate. The perfectly balanced acidity allows the crisp fresh taste on the tongue to linger, while the mouth-filling sweetness tantalizes the taste buds.


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