2014 Weirdo Rogue Valley Syrah

Syrah • Red Wine • California • Portlandia

Cue the thunder and lightning for this frightfully delicious Syrah
1 Bottle
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Tastes like: Balsamic Vinegar, Blackberry Jam, Meat, Plum, Toasted Oak
Pairs with: Beef, Lamb Dishes, Marinated Red Meats
Good for: Barbecues, Hearty meals
Drink this: Now through 2019
Alcohol: 14%

Cue the thunder and lightning! This frightfully delicious Syrah is bound to send chills down your spine. Oozing with the essence of blackberry, red plum and smoked meat, the wine shows a surprising sweetness from the toasted oak notes. Intensely dark red in color, this wine doesn’t contain the tears of a Scottish deerhound, yet it's still undeniably and subversively satisfying. Enjoy it with a still-bloody cut of meat and an open mind.



2014 Weirdo Rogue Valley Syrah

Tasting Notes

Displays complex flavors of blackberry, red and black plum, smoked meat, toasted oak and a hint of balsamic, with polished tannins.


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