2016 Stefon Beaujolais (SNL)

France • Red Wine • Beaujolais • Saturday Night Live • SNL

What should you be doing this weekend? Drinking this Beaujolais
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Tastes like: Blueberry, Damson Plum, Plum, Sour Cherry, Violet
Pairs with: Charcuterie, Game Bird, Poultry
Good for: Apertifs, Dining al fresco, Picnics
Drink this: Now through 2019
Alcohol: 13%

What should you be drinking this weekend? Stefon will tell you that New York’s hottest wine is definitely this Beaujolais from Burgundy. This good-time red has everything: enticing aromatics, candied violet flavors, goocidity (good acidity). He could probably get more specific, but here’s all you need to know: Pop this bottle open and be prepared to have a bizarrely awesome time. Just don’t use a human corkscrew — or ask what that is.



2016 Stefon Beaujolais (SNL)

Tasting Notes

Enticing aromas of blue fruit and candied violet are followed by red plum, red cherry and light blueberry flavors plus a hint of black pepper on the palate.


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