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Karma Lion NV Vinho Espumante Duo

Espumante • Sparkling Wine • South Africa

A lively sparkler that makes any occasion festive
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Tastes like: Apricot, golden apple, pear
Pairs with: Brunch and desserts, crab cakes, Thai food
Good for: Aperitifs, parties and entertaining
Drink this: Now through 2017
Alcohol: 9.5%

The Karma Lion label comes to us by way of The Dunning Man – the book by our founder, who also launched our author series. Fans of the book, as well as wine lovers in general, will realize upon first sip that only a name as provocative and mysterious as Karma Lion could match this delightful, semi-sweet sparkling wine from South Africa. With finesse, perfectly balanced acidity and crisp, fresh flavors that come alive on the palate and linger on the tongue, this Vinho Espumante is a lively sparkling wine that is destined to make any occasion festive. Cheers to whatever karma may bring!



Karma Lion NV Vinho Espumante

Tasting Notes

A semi-sweet sparkling wine with crisp, fresh flavors of apricot, golden apple and pear that come alive on the palate.


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