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2014 Starret Alexander Valley Merlot Half Case

Merlot • Red Wine • California

Sale expired on April 14, 2016
A heavenly red to pair with a spread of cheeses

Tastes like: Blueberry, clove, rich plum
Pairs with: Brie, burgers, grilled leg of lamb
Good for: Cozy evenings, casual meals or gatherings, dining al fresco
Drink this: Now through 2019
Alcohol: 14%

One of our favorite things to do in wine country is wait for nightfall, spread a blanket on a hillside, and gaze at the stars while we sip a soft, fruity, approachable red such as this. Our favorite constellation? Corona Borealis, which in Greek mythology represents the crown Dionysus gave Ariadne to wear at their wedding – Dionysus being the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine. We love that guy. And to us, there's no more heavenly pairing than a smooth, polished, fruity red such as this one with a spread of cheeses. Packed with the signature cherry and berry flavors of Merlot, with a subtle herbal accent, this is the perfect wine with which to spend a relaxing evening.



2014 Starret Alexander Valley Merlot

Tasting Notes

A soft, fruity, approachable red that's packed with the signature cherry and berry flavors of Merlot, along with a subtle herbal accent. Smooth and polished, this is the perfect accompaniment for a spread of cheeses.


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