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2014 Killing Monica Monterey Pinot Noir Rosé Quartet and Book

Rosé • Author Series

Sale expired on August 3, 2016
Wine and words, a perfect pairing – at an unbeatable price

4 x 2014 Killing Monica Monterey County Pinot Noir Rosé

1 x Killing Monica Book

Who doesn’t love curling up with a good book and a bottle of wine? Our new author series brings together writers with wines they’ve selected as perfect companions for reading with their work. It’s simultaneous stimulation of your brain and taste buds!

We’re pleased to bring you Killing Monica by Candace Bushnell, creator of Sex and the City, paired with a character-driven rosé from Monterey County. Bushnell’s long-anticipated new novel is a funny, searing story of an author whose signature character – and the star who plays her – has become an out-of-control superstar. According to Booklist, the tale is loaded with Bushnell’s signature recipe of “sex, humor, female friendships, subtle social commentary [and] smart women who make foolish choices.”

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Just as there’s nothing meek or reserved in Bushnell’s writing, there’s much more to the Killing Monica wine than your average rosé. It’s a crisp, voluptuous, alluring wine, brimming with flavors of rose petal, wild strawberry and raspberry. It's one of the best rosés we've ever offered, in fact, coming from one of the best wine producers on the Monterey peninsula. Not only is the wine delicious in its own right, it is the perfect accompaniment to Bushnell’s captivating page-turner. Both USA Today and the Arizona Republic have included Killing Monica on their lists of summer reads. Best of all, we've made an exclusive arrangement with the publisher to offer the book at the lowest available price online – 20 percent lower than Amazon's price!*

By the time you turn the final page of Killing Monica, the first bottle will be empty. Oh, who are we kidding? It’ll be empty by the end of the first chapter. Each sip of this delightful summer wine will carry you ever so enjoyably through Bushnell’s biting, witty tale – as only great wine can do.

*Based on Amazon's launch price of $21.15, which may have since been lowered.



2014 Killing Monica Monterey County Pinot Noir Rosé

Tasting Notes

This voluptuous, alluring and refreshing wine bursts with pleasing notes of kiwi, watermelon, rose petal, black cherry, wild strawberry and ripe raspberry, all tightly woven to a core of palate-pleasing minerality. The lingering finish is dry, crisp and delicious, making the wine perfect for pairing with light fare or drinking on its own. This engaging rosé is certain to be a hit at any summertime soirée.

Killing Monica Book

Tasting Notes

Praise for Killing Monica

Booklist: “Bushnell successfully sticks to her tried-and true recipe: sex, humor, female friendships, subtle social commentary, smart women who make foolish choices, and thrilling plot twists. Pro that she is, she saves the best for last.”

USA Today: “A writer feels trapped by the famous character she's created when her "Monica" books become blockbuster films. Thanks to Sex and the City, Bushnell knows a thing or two about a book becoming a pop culture phenomenon.”
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Arizona Republic: “The Sex and the City creator comes up with a novel that sounds wonderfully meta. It's about an author who has written a series of books about a young, stylish woman in Manhattan. The books eventually inspire movies, and although the author wants to move on, her readers (and publisher and agent) only want more Carrie, err, Monica. What to do? Maybe getting rid of the character everyone loves is the answer.”
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