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2013 Lustra Monterey County Pinot Blanc Quartet

Pinot Blanc • White Wine • California

Sale expired on March 10, 2018
Like an Alsace white on steroids

Tastes like: White citrus flowers, stone fruits, white peach, melon, tropical fruit, Valencia orange
Pairs with: Pork dishes, a cheese plate, game bird, seafood tapas
Good for: Dinners that require more than an everyday white
Drink this: Now through 2018
Alcohol: 13.5%

Far too many people confuse Pinot Blanc with Pinot Grigio. Sure, the grapes are genetically similar, but the wines are more like twins separated at birth, with the Blanc growing up to become a celebrated artist and the Grigio's greatest accomplishment a longstanding high score at an arcade. Pinot Blanc is a sophisticated, multifaceted, intriguing white wine that you can pour and enjoy year round, with a wide range of dishes. This one comes from the best producer on the Monterey Peninsula, where cool, sunny weather produces wines of focus, precision and powerful flavor. This wine is no exception, perfectly balanced with a core of minerality that makes it an excellent complement for food. This is a world-class white at an everyday price, and something you shouldn't skip. Put down the paintbrush, step away from the canvas and give this beautiful wine a try.



2013 Lustra Monterey County Pinot Blanc

Tasting Notes

Showy aromas of white flowers, stone fruit, tropical fruit and pineapple are released immediately upon opening the bottle. The palate shows flavors of fresh pear, white peach and green melon, framed by balanced, focused acidity. This is a perfect companion for salads, soft white cheeses, light pasta, poultry and seafood dishes. For a sublime food pairing experience, enjoy this with seared sea scallops.


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