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Thornhill Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Quartet

Pinot Noir • Chardonnay • Californa

Sale expired on January 23, 2016
Two beautiful expressions of Santa Barbara, without the sticker shock

2 x 2013 Thornhill Santa Barbara County Chardonnay

2 x 2013 Thornhill Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir

Here's a little secret about Santa Barbara: Most of the wines are overpriced, especially in a blockbuster vintage like 2013. Big names such as Sea Smoke and ABC charge an absolute premium for their wines, even though there's ample supply. We love those guys' wines, don't get us wrong, but they have to take the opportunity to cash in when a high-quality, big-volume vintage comes along – after all, wineries and vineyards cost a lot of money to run. Thornhill, a brand created just for us, is made with grapes from many of the same vineyards used by Santa Barbara's marquis producers – only the wine is offered at a lower price. Beautifully fresh, fruity and floral from the region's 80-degree days and 40-degree nights, these wines pair perfectly with a wide range of foods and are also absolutely fantastic to drink on their own. If you're curious to know what all the hype is about with Santa Barbara Pinot and Chardonnay, but would prefer to avoid the sticker shock that comes with the established labels, these wines are the perfect place to start.



2013 Thornhill Santa Barbara County Chardonnay

Tasting Notes

This Chardonnay has aromas of orange blossom, tropical fruit and vanilla, with many layers of flavors. It exhibits minerality, moderate acidity, and an abundance of pure fruit on the finish. The majority of the wine was fermented in French oak to provide an enhanced, rounded mouthfeel. A small portion was fermented in stainless steel to retain acidity, freshness and elegance.

2013 Thornhill Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes

This alluring Pinot has wonderfully inviting aromas of fresh flowers, herbs, menthol and leather. On the palate it's light-bodied, and brings a rush of fresh red berry and black fruit. The finish is lightly acidic, with just a hint of black pepper and citrus. The texture is soft and round, only adding to the appeal.


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