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2013 The Rogue Wave Monterey County Pinot Noir Quartet

Pinot Noir • Red Wine • California

Sale expired on December 18, 2016
A bold, exciting Pinot from one of the last places you'd think to look

Tastes like: Baked cherry pie, ripe cherry, toasted hazelnuts, vanilla-tinged cherry, earth
Pairs with: Aged cheeses, roast duck, light hors d'oeuvres
Good for: Casual indulgence, a listening party with your favorite vinyl records
Drink this: Now
Alcohol: 14%

You're probably wondering why this wine is named after a freak natural event known to blindside and capsize even the mightiest of oceangoing vessels. Part of the reason is because there's a veritable ocean's worth of banal, insipid, thin Pinots out there, and this wine is the one that stands out and completely takes your palate by surprise. What's more, we found this wine on the Monterey Peninsula, which is known for the rough seas surrounding it, which the surfers love. This Pinot delivers a bold rush of fresh berry flavors and earthy complexity from its nine months spent aging in oak, and the perfect backbone of acidity makes your mouth water for more. Drink this with food or on its own – either way, the excitement will wash over you.



2013 The Rogue Wave Monterey County Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes

From the winemaker: "On the palate, this wine is very supple and generous, with flavors of ripe cherry and cherry pie and subtle notes of vanilla and toasted oak. The wine finishes complete, with balanced acidity and extracted fruit notes highlighting cherry but also incorporating earthy notes."


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