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2013 Tremolo Mendoza Malbec Quartet

Malbec • Red Wine • Argentina

Sale expired on January 31, 2016
A better Malbec for the buck

Tastes like: Dark cherry, blackberry, vanilla, earth
Pairs with: Burgers, grilled meats
Good for: Barbecues, casual dinners with friends, burger night
Drink this: Now
Alcohol: 14.75%

There's always someone trying to introduce a better burger to the world. But we think not enough people try to bring the world a better Malbec ... which, incidentally, is a great wine for any meat cooked over hot coals. Anyway, we knew we could take on this task, so we reached out to French winemaker Didier DeBono, a master of winemaking on both sides of South America's spine of rocky peaks, better known as the Andes. He made this wine using grapes from low-yield sites in the Uco Valley and Lunlunta Maipu, achieving a result that isn't just a run-of-the-mill Mendoza Malbec, but a wine that strikes a perfect chord. And that's whether you're drinking this wine on its own or alongside that better burger – or even classic Argentinean asado. Already we can't wait to see what Didier can do to make an even better Malbec next vintage.



2013 Tremolo Mendoza Malbec

Tasting Notes

Rustic, earthy and even a bit restrained at first, after some air this wine will reveal excellent fruit concentration with notes of dark cherry and blackberry, plus a hint of vanilla and a meaty, earthy finish. It finishes dry and will leave you thirsting for more – especially if you're having it with grilled meat.


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