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2013 Tralcio di Vite Pinot Grigio Veneto Italy Quartet

Pinot Grigio • White Wine • Italy

Sale expired on September 11, 2016
Pleasant yet powerful – exactly what Pinot Grigio should be

Tastes like: White peach, flint, apple skin
Pairs with: Light salads, antipasti
Good for: Everyday and special occasions alike
Drink this: Now
Alcohol: 12.5%

If you know one thing about us by now, it's that we compare far too many of our wines to Game of Thrones ... although we've yet to write that a wine tastes like it's from Dorne. Anyway, the other thing you should know is that we can't stand watery, wimpy Pinot Grigios. We offer only the ones that we think pack plenty of power, flavor and aromatic character with each raise of the glass. This one fits the bill, but it's also got a pleasantly sharp, acidic backbone that cleans and refreshes the palate, making you want more. And that's why this wine drinks as well with food as it does on its own. This is what Pinot Grigio should be, but so rarely is. One sip, and you'll forget all about the insipid white wines you've encountered in the past.



2013 Tralcio di Vite Pinot Grigio Veneto Italy

Tasting Notes

This bright, flinty white displays notes of citrus, apple skin and minerals. The wine offers a bit more heft and much more flavor than your typical Pinot Grigio, and it finishes clean, with a touch of fruity sweetness. Drink this on its own or with a variety of light salad dishes and appetizers. No wimpiness in this Pinot Grigio.


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