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NV Bulletin Place Australia Moscato Quartet

Australia • Moscato • Sparkling Wine

Sale expired on August 17, 2015
A sweet, sparkly sipper from Down Under

Tastes like: Orange blossom, rose, floral spice, mango
Pairs with: Antipasti, savory tapas, desserts, curries with chiles
Good for: Aperitifs, brunch, casual sipping
Drink this: Now
Alcohol: 9%

Lately it seems that all parties are starting or ending with Moscato. The wine's popularity is booming. It's the perfect aperitif, as guests are milling about, deciding who they want to talk to (or avoid). And with its hint of sweetness, this fizzy wine is also great with dessert. For whatever reason, the Aussies, not the Italians, are producing some of the world's best Moscato right now. This one comes from a company named for an Australian wine merchant's restaurant and shop in Sydney. Len Evans is credited as a pioneer of the Australian wine industry, so it's only appropriate that his thumbprint would be on the style of wine that's currently taking the wine industry by storm. It's impossible not to enjoy this delightful, sweet and fizzy wine.



NV Bulletin Place Australia Moscato

Tasting Notes

From the winery's importer: "Light yellow with a green hue, [this] displays a pungent nose of rose petal and orange blossom. The palate has well-balanced sweetness with sweet fruit flavors of mango and orange rind. The finish is soft and spritzy."