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White Wines of Italy

Italy • White Wine

Sale expired on August 17, 2015
A half case of three Italian whites with substance and style

2 x 2013 Ordine di San Giuseppe Gavi

2 x 2013 Terre di Terrossa Soave

2 x 2013 Tralcio di Vite Pinot Grigio Veneto Italy

Italian white wines usually get a bad rap for being thin, watery or lacking in style. How can it be that the same country that produces the most stylish clothing, flamboyant soccer, incredible artwork and architecture, and delicious food also produces insipid white wines? Well, the boring stuff is what you get when you take a crap shoot. With an expert's palate showing you the way, you'll see that Italian whites can be just as alluring and exciting as the reds. In this six-pack, we've brought together three outstanding examples – two bottles each – of how fresh, full-bodied, versatile and flavorful Italian white wines can be. Save one bottle of each for yourself, and share the other with friends to spread the word: The white wines of Italy can be every bit as suave as everything else the country produces.



2013 Terre di Terrossa Soave

Tasting Notes

Lovely aromas and flavors of lemon curd, baking spice and a hint of coriander lure you in. Hints of cantaloupe, pear and minerals throughout make this wine a perfect complement to anything that used to swim. Whether you're tucking into some sushi or a more elaborate fish dish, this is the wine that'll do the trick.

2013 Ordine di San Giuseppe Gavi

Tasting Notes

Just as with a Sancerre or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from the North Island, the smell of this Gavi makes your mouth water in anticipation. Mineral driven, with slight hints of citrus and spice, this Piedmont white delivers absolutely everything you look for in a crisp, refreshing, food-friendly wine.

2013 Tralcio di Vite Pinot Grigio Veneto Italy

Tasting Notes

This bright, flinty white displays notes of citrus, apple skin and minerals. The wine offers a bit more heft and much more flavor than your typical Pinot Grigio, and it finishes clean, with a touch of fruity sweetness. Drink this on its own or with a variety of light salad dishes and appetizers. No wimpiness in this Pinot Grigio.


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