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2012 Mise en Scène Russian River Pinot Noir Duo

Red Wine • Pinot Noir • California • Russian River

Sale expired on October 10, 2017
The Pinot you'll never want to stop drinking

Tastes like: Black cherry, plum skin, cocoa, floral, savory herbs
Pairs with: Grilled salmon, duck, cured meats
Good for: Cost-efficient celebrating, enjoying with friends
Drink this: Now through 2020
Alcohol: 13.5%

The same winemaking friends who crafted the bright, juicy Mise en Scène Sonoma Chardonnay also worked their Rolodex to find the right grape growers to craft for us this delicious, ripe, robust Russian River Pinot Noir. We asked for a wine that perfectly balances ripe red fruit and earthy tones and we weren't at all disappointed when we tasted the results. This is a Pinot with brains, not just Russian River brawn, and it's in a style that makes Pinot lovers swoon. It's lush and full, yet bright and delicate, with a beautiful acidic backbone that makes it a perfect pairing for food. Just like the Mise en Scène Chardonnay, the name of this wine is a bit of an inside joke, since so many Pinot Noirs look, smell and taste the same. But this one tells a very different story on the palate – one that you won't want to end.



2012 Mise en Scène Russian River Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes

Powerful aromas of strawberry, raspberry and clove immediately leap from the glass, followed by hints of cola, cocoa powder, flowers and savory herbs. The youthful palate is ripe with sweet dark cherry, fleshy plum and lingonberry. This is the ideal Pinot, one that can stand up to just about any occasion – not to mention any dish, from salmon to duck breast to spinach salad with bacon dressing.


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