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Frankly, as a "non-wine" person, I find the discovery and education that Lot18 offers to be far superior to any in store retail experience. I can buy a great wine at a great price (because it's direct) and know that it's a wonderful product to bring out while having guests over, give as a housewarming gift, or enjoy on a special occasion.


A. J.

AlwaysOn Network, "Lot18, Wine, And Next Gen Retail"

Lot18's employees are in daily contact with wine producers, which means not just deals for the site's members, but access to products that might not ordinarily be available at all on the wider market.


Matthew D.

Inc. Magazine, "How to Break Into the Flash Deals Space"

For expert wine advice, we turn to Lot18 to guide us to the best selections at the best prices. The Lot18 team of procurement specialists are not messing around, either. They're a collection of former 5-star sommeliers, winery owners and Masters of Wine candidates, making them some of the leading experts in the world.


Netted by the Webbys, "First Wines Club"

Wine lovers looking for a great deal on that prized bottle of Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon should skip the liquor store. [Lot18's] bottles also have the advantage of a few years on those you'll see in the liquor store, letting you buy an aged bottle without benefit of a wine cellar.


CNN SmartMoney, "A Better Way to Buy Wine"