What is Lot18?

Lot18 provides the best possible prices on high-quality wines – some well-known favorites, some hard-to-find selections, plenty in between. We live by a simple rule: If we wouldn't spend our own money on a wine, we don't make it available on Lot18. We look for the $10 wines that taste like $20 wines, the $25 wines that taste like $50 wines and so on. You can count on us to find the wines that over deliver for your dollar.

How does Lot18 work?

We're just like the corner wine shop, only we actually put careful thought and consideration into every wine we offer on the site. We have a team of experts, mainly former sommeliers at some of the country's best restaurants, who work closely with quality-driven winemakers around the world. Our curators spent years building those relationships, from North America to Europe to South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and our customers reap the benefits. But wherever it is that we happen to be looking for wines to offer on Lot18, our rule of thumb remains the same: We select wines that are unique in their own right, and represent the highest quality and value. Again, if we wouldn't spend our own hard-earned dollars on a bottle, we can't possibly expect you to.

For how long is each product offered?

Each product is offered for a limited time, or until all available quantity has been purchased by customers like you. But because of our strong relationships throughout the wine-producing world, our most popular wines tend to make repeat appearances. And several new products arrive on the site each day.

How do I join?

Membership to Lot18 is free – just register. If you know someone who's already a Lot18 member, he or she can send you an invite. If you invite your friends and family to join Lot18 and they start purchasing wine, you earn credits you can apply to your own wine-purchasing habit.